Kolkata City Information

Kolkata, was the capital of British India. The Gateway to India till 1912. Kolkatta is the commercial capital of the east, with major industrial plants, textile mills and corporate houses. The people of Kolkatta are known to be connoisseurs of art and sports. Their passion for football and cricket is hardly unknown to anyone. A person who visits Calcutta for once can never forget the city. Such in the magic of the city.

Despite being densely populated and polluted, Kolkata has its own beauty and charm. Kolkata is called the cultural capital of India. The type of Government in Kolkata is Marxist and also Kolkata has been the place of entry for the refugees of Bangla Desh and this effected the economy of West Bengal immensely. The Farakka Barrage, which is 250km north of Kolkata, has been the matter of dispute for Bangladesh and India because it affects flowof Ganges through Bangladesh.

The people of Kolkata are very aware and they are well known for this attitude, throughout the country. They raise their voice against any wrong doings. Kolkata has been the birth place of poets and artists including Rabindranath Tagore the famous "Bengali Poet", the novelist William Thackrey and famous actress Merle Oberon the actress of the film" The Scarlet Pinpernel.

Like Mumbai there are also many movie makers here but they are fewer. The History of Kolkata is not so old like Chennai and Mumbai and the development of Kolkata actually took place in 17th century when European expansion rooted here. Indias first under ground Metro Rail System started in Kolkata in 1984.

Kolkata is full of splendid beauties including Victoria Memorial, Maidan and the beautiful Hooghly River .One very important attraction is the worth of Mother Teresa for the helpless class .In fact Kolkata is the result of the combinations of many big personalities and beauties natural and artificial.

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