Chandigarh City Information

Chandigarh was conceived as a city of "Sun, Space and Verdure" to fulfill four basic functions of living, working, circulation, and care of body and spirit. No wonder Chandigarh is often called the "City Beautiful" or the "Garden City"-both fond epithets given to it by its residents.

The name of the city is originated from Shri Chandika (the female Shakti or Goddess) whose temple is situated at the north border of Chandigarh. The snow-white dome of Mata Chandi devi's Temple on the north-east of the city is visible from across the lake. It is one of the ancient site of major religious significance and is one of the 12 Peeth Sthans for Hindus. Route 32 buses ply pilgrims between the city and the temple daily.

Chandigarh is a very modern town, designed for 50 sectors. Each sector is a self-complete block about a KiloMeter in length by 0.8Km width . There are markets and shopping centres and basic utilities like schools in every sector which limits the total distance of travel for the basic necessities of life. Chandigarh Trasport buses,auto-rickshaws and taxi cabs links the sectors to the main city. There i a small small airport and a railway station though the bus stand in sector 17 (downtown) is probably the best means of approaching Chandigarh from Delhi (the capital) or Simla ( a major tourist resort).

Chandigarh lies at the altitude 1150 ft. with an area of about 114 sq. kms.

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