Jalandhar City Information

Jalandhar, formerly Jullundhar is an ancient city in Punjab located 80 km away from Amritsar. Ruled by the Hindus and the Mughals in succession it is believed to be the oldest city in Punjab. Today this city is a highly industrialized centre being India's foremost producer of world class sports equipments. It is the main area of the State which has maximum Non-Resident Indians. This has made it a rich and forward looking city. The city also has the distinction of producing some of the best sportsmen in the country. Its satellite towns; Phagwara is famous for cloth manufacturing and drapery shops and Kartarpur is one of the biggest exporters of quality furniture.

A town of great antiquity, is situated at a distance of about 84 kms. from Amritsar on the G.T. Road going to Calcutta. Jalandhar is known for its sportmen as well as its sports industry, its steel and iron re-rolling mills, rubber goods, electric goods, automobile parts, and sewing machines factories and handloom products.

The cities of Punjab are famous for different things. Jalandhar is famous for Sports Goods, Leather Goods, Hand Tools, Oldest Military Cantonment, PAP and BSF Head Quarters, as a ocean of newspaper publications & of course beautiful Dulhan's too. This city has twelve kots and twelve gates. Jalandhar is the biggest printing centre of Northern India and most of the newspapers, magazines in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are published here. The well known newspapers are Hind Samachar, Punjab Kesri, Jag Bani, Partap & Veer Partap, Ajit, Akali Patrika, Nawan Zamana and Milap.

The district is named after Jalandhar, a demon king, who finds a mention in the Puranas and Mahabharta. According to another legend, Jalandhar was the capital of the kingdom of lav, son of Rama. According to yet another version Jalandhar is said to have derived its name from the vernacular term `Jalandhar' means area inside the water, i.e. tract laying between the two rivers Satluj and Beas, still another name of Jalandhar had been Trigartta, as it was waters by three rivers, Satluj, Beas and Ravi.

Jalandhar is situated at a distance of approximately 375Kms from International Airport Delhi.

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