Why Us

We are a reliable source...

  • We pay special attention to every aspect of moving process, from packing to the final delivery
  • We transport the goods in safe and secured vehicles to ensure damage fee delivery.
  • We provide insurance against any damage due to our negligence.

We can transport your goods in parts...

  • If your house is not ready as yet or you intend to move your belongings in parts, we can assist you. We offer customized services.
  • We have a sophisticated warehouse where the products can be stored till you are all ready with the preparations to move them in the new house.

We have a competent team

  • Our team is experienced and also has a knowledge of crisis management. This enables us to meet your expectations in the most conducive manner and within the stipulated time frame.
  • Our team members know how to speak in the native language as well as Hindi & English, so as to co-ordinate well with the clients and the allied industries

» Precision, safety & timeliness

» Avoid pilferage/theft through sealing & locking systems

» Protects from rain/dust/sun

» No damage to products

» Affordable prices

» 24 hours Customer care

» Guaranteed timely delivery

» Personalized services

» Efficient & dedicated staff

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